Are you wandering how you ended up on a longhorn site but are finding them interesting because of their beauty!?

Then you’re on your way to becoming me.

My name is Lindsey Toler and my story as to how I got started in Texas Longhorns is not the usual. LT Longhorns is located in the small town of Anna, IL. Not many people around me own or care about Texas Longhorns unless it’s to rope. I never in a million years saw myself owning them or being obsessed with them. It all started when I went one weekend to buy some furniture from a gentleman that was selling out and moving. When I arrived to look at the furniture I was awestruck by his small herd of longhorns. It was over right then and there. I made an offer and he accepted. If you think of the saying “it’s like a potato chip, you can’t just have one” that 100% describes owning longhorns.
I love the Longhorn industry, it’s like a large family and since I have gotten started everyone has been so helpful in my learning process. I grew up with angus cattle and still have angus on the farm but my heart lays in the Longhorn Industry, its the feeling I get when I see them all walking up in the sunset to check for treats. It’s a beauty that I can’t describe.
My goal for my program is to produce a good overall quality of animal. Good confirmation, big body, color, and most important for my family run operation is GOOD TEMPERAMENT.

I also sell home grown lean clean beef out of my herd. They are 100% grass fed. If you’re looking for a game changer in your kitchen this beef is your product!

Last but not least I make 100% grass fed tallow cream. This cream is amazing! It can be used as a face moisturizer or all over body lotion. It helps with dry skin, eczema, and much more! It is rich in vitamins a, d, e, k, and has tons of healthy fats which makes for healthy skin!

Come check out our herd anytime! Make a drive by and soak in their beauty or give me a call and stop in to meet them and give them some treats.